June 23, 2013

Deal With It, Please...!!!


You know, there are some people out there that really really giving me hard times and tainting my positive energy. Look Sweety, we all have s**t things in our life, let's just deal with our own things and respect others lives. Don't pushed too hard for attentions....really Dear, we are busy with our own s**t. Unless you've also lost your Mom, must deal with the reality that came afterward with your Dad, your new family members, your siblings, etc. Realising that you're getting more distance with your own family, seeing your Dad is getting old and misses his grandchildren, understand that in his heart he's feeling lonely...and as his daughter you can do nothing....Then, knowing that slowly you loosing your Identity after marriage, only known as 'a Wife', 'a Mother', or 'an in-law'. You crafting as a therapy, as a distraction, and also helps you feel 'present'. Last but not least, you feel s**tty with all that (and honey, the List doesn't stop there...yet)...then I considered you get my point of 'Respect each others lives'.

I'm focus with my life and am in my journey to be more Religious now.....so please, don't make me start over again!

April 25, 2013

What's Up, April?

Ah...yes...such a lazy Mommy...first April post at nearly end of the month!?! Well, let Mommy kiss you first my sweet sweet Angels :*

Thank you Dear, yes it's my birth-month ;), and....hei, we had a TV shot in the house and it'll be airing on BeritaSatu News Channel next Tuesday April 30th (that's what they said ;D). What else...oh, my Andalusian scarf finally has some progress, and ummm...I'm trying to catch up with this Beatles cross stitch.

So....yup, that's about it, anything else are just drama-things that I really fed-up with and just want to spent my energy for my husband and my precious Angels...oooh, lucky you! ;*

March 22, 2013


Ola Cupcakes! Mommy miss you sooo...!!!

Working on this, working on that, occupied by this, occupied by that....ugh, very time-consuming and attention. But, I still can squeeze some of my energy to accompany Aisya on her school field trip to Atlantis Water Adventure - Ancol.


It was such a relaxing time to see Aisya playing and having fun with her friends...and be surrounded with water, of course :p. What a moment to PAUSE from world.... ;)

I'll see you around sweet Cupcakes :*

February 25, 2013

Priority *sigh*

Most of the time, Mommy always know how to sort things in the Priority List.....BUT, when it came to Knitting and a beautiful pattern and the thought that it can be a gift....ALL are on the top of the List!

What will Mommy make with these projects? A ha....be patient and see ;)

Hug you now and Hug you later, Angels! :*

February 23, 2013

When It's Time For....

....a sweet-peaceful-and-harmonious evening with Mommy's Angels (^^,).

Adorable.... :*

February 18, 2013

My Birthday Little Girl...!

10 Things I Know About Alicia.....the-little-girl-who-just-turned-4 in the clan ;p :

1. She can wear flip-flops correctly. No more right-and-left-mixed-up....(finally *sigh)
2. The Rebellious chick....well, she's a bit a 'my way' missy...but, the adorable one :)
3. She's the most often to get penalties and to get yelled at...(and Mommy always feel sorry afterward)
4. BUT, she's the first kid who will rub your back and kiss your forehead when you sick...awww :*
5. She plays with the hardcore way with her siblings...although she always takes one of her dolls everywhere.
6. She loves to hug while sleeping :)
7. It's so hard to get her tidy up! -_-'
8. Now she's excited to learn to wear her own clothes.
9. She has good stamina....but sometimes it's a minus point when turned to too active.
10. She's sweet...so sweet I couldn't stand not to cuddle her even when I'm furiously mad at her.
Oh, wish I could go on with the list...

This cutie...

Has grown into 

this Beautiful Angel :*

Happy Birthday my Dearest Alicia.......
Mommy will always by your side :*